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Testimonials – What people say about Sidney Worth
John, from Ohio, USA

"I am the very fortunate beneficiary of a one-week block of clearing from Sidney Worth. Although my original impetus in seeking clearing from Sidney relates to my interest in trading, I completely underestimated the impact of clearing on my overall mental well-being. The combination of Sidney's expertise and the clearing meter provide for an unbelievably efficient and precise discovery of previously unrecognized emotionally charged events. The result produces an immense sense of clarity and vision, as if a fog had been lifted from one's mind, allowing for vastly improved focus. I noticed an immediate leap in my productivity in multiple areas. Clearing is imperative not only for traders, but also for successful professionals in any field.

As with others in Sidney's clientele, I have used NexGen software, and have additional training in advanced application of the NexGen ProFibs tools. The problem, as I have come to realize, is the lack of precision in the NexGen package. Unless one is extremely selective in defining trade setups, efficiency with NexGen is limited.

Sidney's ClearEdge tools vastly simplifies the multiple-time frame momentum analysis so that critical price levels are dynamically illustrated with intuitive clarity. More importantly, ClearEdge allows the trader to anticipate pivots in advance with statistically-based (not moving average-based) indicators that do not lag. The result is total immediacy with the energy flow of the market.

For me, as a highly successful non-trading professional who has developed a strong interest in trading, Sidney Worth is the complete package. He is an extraordinarily intelligent and compassionate human being who will effectively help you deliver yourself into a higher plane of existence."


Ken, from Oregon, USA

"Sidney helped me answer the question, "How do I become a successful trader"? I will forever be grateful to him for that. Anyone who has the desire to trade consistently and is fortunate enough to have Sidney as a coach will achieve their vision through his insightfulness. Sidney's Flow Based concept is cutting edge in thought and technical analysis. When my close friends and family ask for my advice on "how to trade successfully", I send them to Sidney. He is gifted with the ability to teach people how to act in their own self best interest, and he gives you the tools to continue your journey."


Peter, from Philadelphia, USA

"I've known Sidney for over three years. I have seen Sidney elevate his own trading to the pinnacle of consistency and ease, primarily by bringing his coaching knowledge and his experience of the pursuit of mastery to the trading process.

When Sidney began offering his Clearing Intensive I signed on as soon as time allowed. The experience was a very powerful one revealing a pandora's box of junk that I was unknowingly carrying with me into all aspects of my life. His various drills, exercises and techniques were eye-opening and set me on a path to functioning in a far more beneficial way. This is a deeply transformative process. I am more able to account for how I function, and increasingly able to stay in the present moment in my trading and in my life.

I wholehearted recommend Sidney to any serious trader who knows the set-ups but just can't seem to parlay their skills into capital growth. And if he would allow non-traders to take his course, my family and friends would be first in line."


Scott, from Ohio, USA

"My day trading over the past 8 months has been profoundly impacted by Sidney Worth. His unique coaching gifts have created a synergy between the mental and technical sides of trading which cannot be overstated. Sidney helped define my game as a trader more than any program I was previously involved with. While I did get some value from Nexgen, MastersPalace, and Tradeguider, it is the ClearEdge Flow-Based approach and indicators which are more practical and just outright better. What I have to say about ClearEdge is there is nothing like it in the industry. It simplifies trading multi-timeframes like no other software available. I look forward to using them for many years of profitable trading."


Bob, from Texas, USA

"After trading with Nexgen's ProFibs product for 18 months, spending countless hours in screen time and Nexgen's ever changing rule-based trading methods, I hooked up with Sidney Worth and found I needed some serious mental re-adjustments. His insights are unique and penetrating and is unlike any program anywhere. Sidney's technology has facilitated me to confront blind-spots which limited my trading progress. His program is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be challenged, do the work, give up your crap, and literally watch the circumstances you find yourself in CHANGE! You will achieve consistency in your trading that will give you the "clear edge" you are looking for in trading the markets."


Elaine, from Hawaii, USA

"I just finished my first Clearing Intensive with Sidney Worth and I am totally amazed. The Clearing Intensive is optional for most people except for traders. Clearing is a must where having your full attention available in every moment is important.

I have been trading for a couple of years first with Investools, later then day trading with Nexgen's software with nothing but frustrating results. And as hard as I tried, I could not change certain negative patterns which kept showing up in my trading. This is where Sidney's Clearing Intensive program really shines.

I was thrilled with the amount of hidden negative material I discharged in the safe environment of the Clearing sessions. I left energized and light, knowing that I had done a lot of good work.

I have tried different methods to establish a tranquil mind for trading but the Clearing Intensive is by far the most effective and fastest process I have found. I highly recommend to anyone serious about trading to work with Sidney and see how your trading changes for the better."


Art, from Colorado, USA

"Your training has been a huge help although I found that I can't trade like you. So, you'd probably puke if you saw my charts but I did actually find what works for me and I have a comfort level and confidence now that I did not have in the past. Thanks Sid!"


Ben, Professional Hedge Fund Trader

"Watching your private pre-release software demonstration was a real 'Ah-Ha' moment for me as it quantified and defined what I look for in trades without being able to describe it exactly. Also, I recognize the importance of the mental aspect of trading judging from the huge difference I noticed in (my trading friend) since last time I saw him. You are a remarkable coach in this respect."


Richard, from Florida, USA

Before training with Sidney trading was a painful experience. Opportunities passed me by then I was kicking myself for bad choices. Seeing gains cut short from fear of loss. Overtrading sideways moves always looking for the "big move". And losses running away with me while trying to prove the market was wrong. Yes, technical trading tools are helpful and needed and Sidney has superb tools, but my own reaction to what is happening on screen is by far the most important aspect of trading.

The combination of Sidney's coaching and the Clearing intensives is the most powerful set of tools that can be brought to bear on the art of trading. Sidney has the knowledge and the techniques that are helping me to retrain myself in the mental aspects of trading. I highly recommend Sidney as a trading coach if your are serious about your trading and you are willing to examine yourself and make the decision to make better choices in your life and your trading."


Monica, from Los Angeles, USA

"Wow!!! is all I can say about the Clearing Intensive Program. My trading had been at a plateau. I know the setups to take, but somehow I would let the good stuff pass me by. This was happening in trading and my life experiences. I knew I was "stuck", I just did not know what was holding me back.

My trading is much improved where I find I am more patient. I am sitting back a lot more focused and am only waiting for the best setups. Those trades are there, I am learning not to second-guess myself, and I am letting myself have the wins!

Amazing things have been happening for me in that I am more "present" in my own life. Now I know how to live in the "now" and how to keep my focus in the "now". I practice and am very intent on staying in the present, Sidney it is amazing, I get a lot more accomplished during the day. My communication with others is now right to the point. Situations which were difficult, I am facing head on."


Vicens, from Barcelona, Spain

"I thought I needed more stuff about trading. I realized very fast Sidney is very good at both technical and mental aspects. Surprisingly, both aspects are the basis of his astonishing success at trading and at life. What we did helped me a lot. I went back with important insights about the way I was dealing with life and with trading specifically. In one week I actually changed the way I think! His amazing communication drills look so easy but revealed so many flaws which I found very helpful. I went back to Barcelona proud of all my wins and the work I did there."


Dwain, from Illinois, USA

"My 10 year trading/training expedition climaxed this past year with my trading coach, Sidney Worth. His understanding of the mental components of trading has truly made a difference in how I see the markets and myself as a full-time trader. Sidney mainly works on by referral only as he invests a lot of his personal time in a quality coaching program one-on-one with each individual client customized to them!!! There is nothing like it anywhere. "


Jit, from New Zealand

"I was trading for over a year when I was referred to Sidney. I really wish I came to him much before that. It's not just any tool based trading program. Its about what it takes to become a successful trader too. Forget about books, memorizing rules, and patterns. Sidney's tools enabled me to monitor my trades and make improvements. At first I did not understand but now I see it is true as Sidney says, "winning is a choice". Sidney's program is unique and not for everyone, but if you are serious and willing to work then I invite you to make the jump."


Elena, from Chicago, USA

"I am a lot more patient with my trading and realized that even when my trade does not go my way I'm still a winner as long as I follow my plan. Sidney is an excellent Coach and he completely helped me change the way I look at my life and trading. He taught me to"live in the now" and that has really helped me in my personal life and trading. Sidney is more than a coach to me, he is a dear friend. "


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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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