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90-Day Wonder Coaching Program for Traders

Trading is the art of precision communication with one's self and the market simultaneously while taking specific actions which are in our own best self interest. –Sidney Worth

The Sidney Worth 90-day wonder Coaching Program is a highly personalized intensive engagement which focuses on development of fundamental trading skills using ClearEdge™ technical indicators. This a live engagement with Sidney and not a canned presentation. It is a challenging participation based course. It will drive up most all of the traders' blindspots, any goal conflicts, and weaknesses so they can be easily handled. The effects of this program can last a lifetime and many of the skills will carry over into other areas. (Interview required for acceptance)

What is Covered in the 90-Day Wonder Coaching Program?

  • How's, Why's, and tools for the development of trading consistency

  • How's, and Why's of precision methods for managing mental state

  • How to absorb your screen time

  • How to restore your ability to learn without effort

  • Weekly one-on-one coverage and critique of at least 20 of your recent trades

  • 6 months free use of the ClearEdge Advanced "Pro-Tools" Indicators

Coaching with Sidney Worth is not Psychology, or Counseling...

You will learn how to re-train yourself to absorb your screen time! This re-training, if done properly, without fear or strain makes all the difference.

What is the Seminar Sunburn Effect?

Using Internet web-tools this coaching engagement eliminates the "Seminar Sunburn Effect". There is no pressure, no hotels, no airfare, no time-lost away from family, no bad food, no travel burn-out. This deep-cut course is much more effective than multi-day weekend courses. Some of the benefits of having an extended time:

  • High personalization to the trader's strengths and weaknesses

  • Clear access to what it takes to become consistent in trading

  • How to Make the jump from Rule based/Fear-Based to Flow-Based methods

  • Specialized flow-based tools included, see ClearEdge™ "Essentials" package

  • 100% Belief-neutral technology and tools for self-control

What is the Expected End Result of Coaching with Sidney?

You step into becoming a "Flow Based" trader. A probability based trader, who knows how to trust themselves and acts in their own best self interest. During the program Sidney covers...

  • How to become a consistently profitable trader... step-by-step

  • Access to exactly what it means to act in your own best self interest

  • Learning how to monitor yourself as well as the market simultaneously

  • Skills to develop high resistance to "attention fixations" and mental bias

  • How to create and maintain low-stress / low-fatigue charts

  • How to find bargains in the market (all time frames)

  • How to recognize and eliminate all goal conflicts causing long term "no progress"

  • Shifting yourself from "what's happened lately" thinking to "probability based" thinking

  • Gain freedom from compulsion/impulsive trading, i.e. no more, "why did I take that trade"

What's included in the coaching engagement?

  • High quality, personalized attention to your "case" (your "case" is defined as how you see yourself and your trading)

  • Hands-on learning the art and science of winning

  • How to tell the truth about yourself for gaining freedom from compulsions
  • Workable tools for getting past fear, and greed

  • Proven methods for giving up your mental upsets and emotional drama

  • Private one-on-one phone seminar "The 7 Distinctions of Flow based Trading"

  • Proven effective Emotional tools to gain stability in uncertain situations

  • Discovering who you really are in trading and what to do about it

  • Tools for personal consistency analysis and building self awareness

  • Weekly coaching session and analysis of your performance

  • Unlimited e-mail support and availability to private cel phone for support

Who should Not Seek Coaching with Sidney?

  • Anyone having a present-time substance abuse issue or anyone taking medication having side-effects such that a person is not clear-minded or not functional

  • Those who have people close to them who disapprove of your desire to trade financial markets

  • Trading authors, trading software developers, seminar providers, trading room operators. Sidney only works with serious minded end-user individuals who are not potential re-sellers of his materials. Non-disclosure and Non-compete documents are required

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows based computer capable of running Tradestation 8.x adequately

  • Headset with microphone, 2 earphone headset is best. Logitech has good ones
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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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