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Clearing Intensive Program for Traders

The Clearing Intensive, given in blocks of 7 days, for Traders is a deep-cut, highly personalized one-on-one engagement which includes 10 private Clearing sessions plus specialized training sessions for increasing the ability to act in ones' own best self interest. This is especially relevant to people who make their own financial decisions and encounter performance plateaus, or inconsistent behavior.

What is the Goal of Clearing Technology?

Clearing Technology offers relief from inner conflicts and greater personal freedom. While the goal of "freedom" has many possible meanings, in Clearing Technology the most powerful meaning would be "freedom from compulsive behavior or fixed ways of being". Once free from the need of self-imposed compulsions, a universe of choices and opportunities opens up for the individual, hence whatever the game being played becomes easier without the familiar limitations.

How does Clearing Technology work?

"It's about the freedom you really want... freedom from compulsive behavior"

With Sidney as your clearing practitioner/partner for each block of 7 days you will systematically uncover and discharge or flatten pockets of highly reactive negative mental energy known as emotional charge stored in past memories, conflicts, upsets, and stresses. Below are just some of the benefits

  • The release of negative mental energy (charge/bias) results in higher awareness
  • Higher understanding; greater depth of appreciation
  • Greater vitality, out-reach, and courage in taking on new and bigger games (challenges) across the different spheres of life.

What Should You Know About Clearing Technology

Clearing Technology operates where all problems arise, that is, always in the present moment. It is in the present moment that all past issues and personal assumptions are being constantly dramatized through upsets, stuck-nesses, frustrations, or inconsistent behavior. Because Clearing always operates on flattening charge in-the-present-moment it is highly efficient and fast acting. Valuable time is not wasted on searching for charged items.

With the objective tools of Clearing Technology, individuals can quickly discharge negative mental energy associated with goals, roles, and the "fixed ways of being" a person has unwittingly assumed in life which are mostly invisible or distorted to him or her.

In the same way a fish does not actually know it is in water, we also are not aware of how our past assumptions known as "stable data" (what we think we know, and familiar ways of being) are constantly being asserted and dramatized without our expressed permission!

It is important to understand that within all "automatic-ways-of-being" there is no responsibility or awareness of being at cause being taken and therefore no awareness of any alternative which are readily available to the individual in the present moment.

This experience of lack of conscious choice in the "present moment" becomes the same as compulsive behavior which forms the basis of personal victimizations experienced as, "Why did I do that?" or, "I should have known better...", or "What's wrong with me?", or "...I keep making the same dumb mistakes", etc. into the future, year after year.

With Clearing Technology "we" (practitioner & client together) quickly locate deep seated networks of rationalizations put in place (by clients' past experiences) expressly to prevent the awareness of those things the client wished to fix, change, modify, improve, or escape from. The Clearing process efficiently finds these charged items and quickly discharges them permanently.

Who needs Clearing Technology anyway?

Nobody needs it, however, the price we pay for keeping our network of rationalizations and "automatic-ways-of-being" in place is by having recurring breakdowns (persistent problems), performance plateaus (stuckness, or no-progress conditions), or oscillation (roller-coastering) regardless how much effort we use trying to break through them.

The application of Clearing Technology increases personal responsibility, awareness, and our ability to "confront" (perceive without the need to edit, or judge) which makes clean useable power available to the individual. Here we define "power" as recovering previously locked up "attention units" which greatly enhances awareness.

How are Clearing Sessions Different from Talk Therapy?

In talk therapy mostly only "feelings" are examined. Without the benefit of an objective technology there is no real factual way to determine the amount of stored charge on any specific item a client takes up. Huge amounts of time can be wasted on non-productive (diversionary) items. A diversionary item almost always has beneath it the real non-confronted material having negative mental energy locked inside it which causes future failures in judgment, or inappropriate behavior.

How is Clearing Technology Delivery Different from Medical Treatments?

Clearing is not prescriptive and is delivered as collaboration where the Clearing practitioner facilitates change through the personal insights of the client while in a Clearing "session". Clearing is not something that is done to a client so it's delivery is distinctly different from medical treatments. In medicine a patient is mostly the passive recipient of a treatment for his/her symptoms as determined or prescribed by a Medical Doctor.

Who should not do a Clearing Intensive with Sidney?

Anyone who has a present-time substance abuse issue, or is taking medication having side effects such that a person is not clear-minded, or not functional. Clearing Technology does not address, treat, advise, diagnose, or claim to cure any kind of medical condition or mental disorders. Note: Clearing Technology is not appropriate for conditions requiring intervention, or treatments by a Medical or Psychiatric professional.

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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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