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ClearEdge™ “ProTools” is our flagship comprehensive flow-based package ideal for intraday, tick, or volume-share charts. ClearEdge™ “ProTools” is the preferred package for day traders and is a superset of the ClearEdge “Essentials” tools. Designed for low-stress Flow-based trading, these tools create an environment where learning is fast and enjoyable providing a rich framework where consistent decisions can be attained



  • 1 year license
  • Free software updates
  • Free installation support
  • Free email support
  • Pre-built generic workspaces for popular trading vehicles, ES, TF, TY, EC and more…
  • Includes 2 private 1 hour phone / hotcomm sessions with Sidney
  • Includes 3 months of Hotcomm ClearEdge Essentials and ClearEdge Professional education on-line live class access

Note: All ClearEdge trading software and seminars require a signed Non-Disclosure.  Bank Wire is the preferred payment method. Other arrangements must be made in advance. Please account for wire transfer fees in your payment total. ClearEdge tools are currently only available for Tradestation 8.x build  2289 minimum, using Microsoft Windows operating systems: Win2000, WinXP, WinXP Pro, Vista or later. ( See  system requirements )

For pricing or financing options, or to discuss your trading application questions please send email. Please use your real name, phone number, skype id, timezone, and hours you can be reached. Note: We never sell or distribute your contact information.

ProTools Contents

  • ClearEdge™ Transparent Channels Tool – A remarkably sophisticated breakthrough tool displaying multi-timeframe transparent channels on one Tradestation 8.x chart. Standard is 1x, 5x, 25x, and 125x the base chart timeframe (that’s right, up to 125 times the base chart timeframe on one chart!). All channels are displayed transparently (see thru edges) on one chart making for low fatigue, highly absorbable, effortless trading situational awareness. As one trader says, “It works the way I think!”. This tool alone increases trading agility and serves to greatly improve confidence.

  • ClearEdge™ E-Bands Tool – A unique multi-timeframe, 4 channel momentum tool which gives excellent precursor indications of a coming change of direction. A wonderful companion to the transparent channels. With low noise, and almost no lag, this tool surpasses the standard MACD performance in speed and divergence perception, hands-down.

  • ClearEdge™ S-Bands Tool – A truly remarkable multi-timeframe, 4 channel overbought / oversold tool which gives excellent precursor indications of a coming change of direction. With low noise, and almost no lag, this tool surpasses the typical Stochastics oscillators performance, hands-down. When used in conjunction with the e-bands and transparent channels superior entries and exits are simplified.

  • ClearEdge™ Range Channel Tool – an essential tool for graphical effortless monitoring of current and recent trading swing ranges, especially the crucial 50% Fibonacci retracement levels automatically in a relevant and non-intrusive way. Fantastic for consolidation and congestion breakouts when used in conjunction with the transparent channels.

  • ClearEdge™ S/D Failure Tool – Our first generation Supply / Demand failure indicator. This is a low-fatigue, low visual fixation tool for estimating future supply or demand failures based on volume and bar ranges. This tool is especially useful for those who have studied Tom Williams book “The Undeclared Secrets That Drive The Stock Market” on VSA (volume spread analysis) concepts which attempts to identify weakness or strength in the recent chart background. Useful for educing manipulations of professional traders aka “smart money”.

  • ClearEdge™ Price Spread Bars Tool – Easy to understand, dynamic color coded price bars create statistical awareness of how spread bars are. (spread = price range from high to low of a price bar), regardless of chart width. This is a low-stress, low-fixation tool helping the trader to spot possible market manipulations by  “smart money”.  This is especially useful for those who have studied Tom Williams VSA (volume spread analysis) methods.

  • ClearEdge™ Right Edge Tool – reports on the live market bar at the “right edge” of the chart on a tick by tick basis giving remaining ticks or volume/ shares required to close the bar. Shows percentage remaining (in time or ticks) and the last price all coordinated to reduce the potential for mistakes and taking premature actions. This tools yields instant comprehension of the state of the live bar when monitoring multiple charts.

  • ClearEdge™ ChartId Tool – A highly useful chart symbol identifier which floats at the right-edge of the chart floating with the current price to insure the trader makes no mistakes when trading or monitoring multiple charts. This tool reduces possible confusion in placing trades when markets are moving quickly.
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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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