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Ending Compulsive Fear-Based Behavior

Fear-Based training always manifests as personal limitations or performance plateaus later in life regardless of subject or endeavor. For traders, a sure sign of fear-based training is the flattening out of his/her equity curve, the "condition of no progress". The fear-based trained trader will be prone to moodiness, personal dramatizations, hucksters, marketing-hype, sure-fire automated systems, self-styled guru's, and cults.

Take This Simple Test...

"All fear behaviors can be re-trained by proper gradient exercises, trading drills, and probability based thinking."

Look back over your last 20 trades and notice any trades you could easily associate with...

  1. Ineffective actions
  2. Inappropriate behavior

If you observe either or both of the above listed items, then you were probably in the state of low-responsibility called fear... this is especially true for those who say, "I am not afraid... I'm just conservative!"

How Can I Get Rid of Fear and Greed?

The simple answer is you can't, because these are not things we can "have", or "possess", rather they are something we are "doing". Fear is a behavior! Since behaviors are learned and expressed, you can be re-trained to eliminate the behavior! Sidney can help you to re-train systematically to let go of your addiction to "fear of commitment" (the fear of loss) and the special case fear called "greed" (the fear of lack).

For those with deeply ingrained or long-standing fears the Clearing Intensives are of immense usefulness in handling most all performance related fears (See Clearing Intensive for Traders)

Why is Fear or Greed so Bad?

Most people meet these bad-boys only occasionally. For the trader, however, they are devastating constant companions. Fear, in any form, including the form called greed (the fear of lack) in any amount, twists and distorts the ability perceive clearly and always pull us away from the present moment. When fear or greed influences our trading what you can count on is distorted perceptions, and a certain kind of predictable result which is mostly bad financially! Sidney's coaching program and ClearEdgeâ„¢ Flow-Based tools can give you access to make the jump from "Fear Based" to "Flow Based" trading.

I Know What I'm Doing but I Seem to Screw up Anyway...

In our physical life, the body has built-in software that has us automatically freeze-up, flee, or attack in order to escape a survival threat. Over countless generations these natural strategies have proven effective with predatory animals, marauding hordes, storms, etc.

But "Finance" as a survival consideration, is so new to our brain's built-in survival software that our internal programming has no way to catch-up to create an effective winning survival response. The speed of evolution is far too slow in relation to the span of the individual life, so we must personally take on the task of providing updates to our own software by accepting responsibility for re-training ourselves.

Unless you have installed the fabled Microsoft "Human Brain 1.5 Wetware Financial Intelligence Update", the big question is just how can we take responsibility for financial survival? You were never taught how to win... You were taught how to avoid pain, and "conform to" or "escape from" the Will of others. The only way out is to re-train yourself. Sidney has effective technology to help you retrain yourself.

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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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