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About Sidney Worth


"I trade because its the paradigm where time is no longer money"
- Sidney

From an early age fascinated by "things that work", my first career was as a professional trumpet player. While still at conservatory I met a remarkable mentor, a retired Navy Seal at Bell Labs who encouraged me to pursue a second career in software development. Later, I was recruited as a CTA in my twenties after developing unique cycle analysis software. My father's family owned a brokerage firm in New York. During the 60's and 70's he was one of the most highly successful Pool Operators of his time. Over the last 30 years I have enthusiastically worked to develop my creativity and mental skills with some of the best mentors in the world. Now, I trade the markets professionally, develop my own software tools, give seminars, and help others who are seriously interested in awakening their own potential as traders.

A Fundamental Observation

So many so-called coaches, self-styled gurus, and mentors-for-hire are only giving out information such as, books, rules, systems, or pre-packaged ways-of-life. The fact is almost none of these items directly affect the root causes of personal limitation. As a trading coach, I begin working from within the shadows of a person's blind-spots, assumptions, and fixed points-of-view. Then as a team, together we drive these behaviors and hidden material out into the open where one can learn to handle them. Books, rules, systems, or faith-based approaches can not accomplish this task because all personal limitations are first and foremost perceptual problems whose cause is rooted in un-confronted past experiences.

In the Coaching Program

I only work with motivated individuals who are "up to something in life". Money is very important, true, but factually it is just one of the ways to keep score of how responsible one is willing to be in life. Personal responsibility can be dramatically improved to expose new abilities. As the saying goes, "knowing how bad things can get is easy, but nobody knows how good things can become if we are willing to be responsible". I provide the "access" on how this is can be done tailored to the individual.

Why Would anyone want to Work with Me?

There is only one reason... I have developed real tools and have real technology powerful enough to solve my own problems in the areas of trading, self-expression, and the ability to have and acquire material wealth. Having made nearly every mistake possible, the ClearEdge™ technology has performed such that I have come out the other side, more aware, more stable, with greater reach for challenge, and the ability to act in my own best self interest. I have a proven that I can communicate these same skills to others. I am down-to-earth, authentically enthusiastic and I am highly skillful at observing, handling, and cleaning up my own messes. This is my gift, and my passion for anyone willing to take a serious step-up out of the world of business-as-usual and into the extraordinary.

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"After several years of giving my money to the Stock Market I met a man who set my path into financial prosperity and his name is Sidney Worth. I was, desperate and continually losing money. I highly recommend you follow Sidney's instructions and you can be profitable regardless of market conditions. Sidney, from the bottom of my heart. I love you and thank you."

– Henry, from Canada

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